The B16a Engine swap guide!

The B16a engine (first generation) is very similar to the engines commonly found in the '99-'00 Civic Si and Del-Sol VTEC here in the US (B16a2,a3). In Japan, it is sourced from the CRX SiR and Integra XSi.

The B16a is a DOHC 16v 1.6L Inline 4, complete with Multi point fuel injection and a variable valve timing system (VTEC) The 1st generation B16 (easiest to swap into a CRX, therefore the main topic of this page) yields 160hp and 112ft-lbs of torque with a redline of 8200 rpms.

In a light car such as the CRX, a 14 second pass down the 1/4 mile is almost expected with the B16. There are MANY places to order a jap-spec B16 from. The B16, while not the EASIEST swap to perform on a CRX, is the fastest and most upgradeable for both price and simplicity... Not as fast (or expensive) as a GSR or ITR swap, but more powerful (and expensive) than an LS(B18a/b) or ZC swap!

This guide consist of 3 parts:

Part 1: Swap shopping list
Part 2: Taking the old engine out
Part 3: New engine installation

You can also download a PDF version of this guide here